Senior Operator (Offshore) – Qatar

Senior Operator
Carry out routine check of the plant operating condition, sampling, checking of running condition of equipment. Completion of Senior Secondary Education (12 years) plus Technical Training together with 6 years of experience in Production Operations in the Offshore platform (wells experience) with the Oil and Gas Industry or similar. Dehydration unit and pigging operation experience (cleaning pig and batch pigging). Good knowledge of written and spoken English.
Carries out routine checks of plant operating conditions in accordance with set schedules. Includes taking samples, recording readings, checking running condition of equipment, etc. Monitors plant operations on site. Includes adjusting local set points and gauges to accommodate fluctuations in operations, reports major abnormalities to Supervisor as required. Opens and shuts various valves manually. Starts and stops pumps and rotating equipment in accordance with set procedures and Supervisor’s instructions. Carries out minor maintenance and housekeeping duties as required. Includes greasing, cleaning and replacing minor parts on plant and equipment. Calculates various well tests to determine well parameter such as gas production, gas and condensate ratios, etc.

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