Facilities Engineer (CSP) – Qatar

1. Basic Function and Scope :
Analyzes existing or proposed process, utilities, storage and other support systems
for the off-shore production facilities and onshore plant. Prepares or reviews design
work connected with multi-disciplinary projects, modifications and alternations to
existing systems, or the installation of new equipment and systems, whether done inhouse
by the Maintenance Department or through outside contractors. Studies and
analyses complex or recurring problems relating to process, utilities, storage and
other support systems, and recommends appropriate solutions. Works with other
specialist discipline engineers in the maintenance and updating of engineering
drawings, standards, specifications, manual, and data books.
2. Tasks and Duties :
a Studies engineering drawings and visits Company’s sites to become
thoroughly familiar with working conditions, the detailed arrangement of the
facilities, and the function of the various components.
b. Acts as the focal point for consolidating specialist input from process,
mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, structural and construction
engineers on matters pertaining to development of complete project scopes.
Provides expert technical advice to management and other
departments/divisions as required, particularly on the subjects of piping,
valves, actuators, fittings, heaters, coolers, exchangers, filters, flares,
vessels, nozzles and tanks. Also assists in troubleshooting complex or
recurring problems and recommends sound and cost effective solutions to
the problems that arise.
c. Works with other specialist discipline engineers to ensure that all drawings,
standards, specifications, manuals and data books are up-to-date and “asbuilt”,
and directs draftsmen and technical assistants to carry out all
corrections to reflect any alterations, modifications and additions to
equipment and systems.
d. Works with other specialist discipline engineers to carry out various duties
related to modifications, improvements and alterations to be executed by the
Maintenance Department. These duties include conducting feasibility studies,
developing cost estimates in conjunction with the Cost & Contracts Engineer,
preparing preliminary designs and specifications, preparing or reviewing
consultant’s design drawings, preparing capital authorization requests,
preparing bills of materials, participating in preparing purchase orders,
following up on quotations, conducting technical bid analyses, recommending
suppliers or contractors, and answering queries from vendors.
e. Supervises the implementation of minor modification and improvement
projects carried out in-house to ensure execution and completion to
established Company standards and specifications. Performs project
engineering duties (including cost control, scheduling, contract preparation
and administration, etc.) when assigned as the Project Engineer.
f. Carries out assigned duties to major modifications and improvements to
existing facilities, or the installation of new facilities, to be executed by
outside contractors. Includes participating in technical bid analyses,
reviewing design drawings submitted by contractors and proposing
amendments as necessary, specifying materials and equipment to be used,
and supervising the execution of work to ensure compliance with drawings
and Company specifications and standards. Attends meetings with
contractors as necessary.
g. Reviews and checks invoices submitted by contractors, ensures compliance
with work satisfactorily completed, makes necessary corrections, and
submits to supervisor regarding new techniques, equipment and materials
which may benefit the Company and its operations.
h . Stays abreast of state-of-the-art developments in gas production and
processing systems engineering, and provides regular advice and
information to supervisor regarding new techniques, equipment and materials
which may benefit the Company and its operations.
i. Responsible for the support of Company Safety, environment and Quality
policies and programs, and carrying out specific duties and responsibilities
related to his job as spelled out in Management system documentation,
policies, procedures, local documentation, Management System Manual,
Safety Manual and other related documents.
j. Carries out other similar or related duties as per the direction from the
Manager. Minimum Requirements:
a. Bachelor Degree in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Petroleum, or Structural Engineering.
b. 8 years’ experience in designing, building, operating, monitoring and maintaining production and processing equipment and associated systems in the petroleum industry. Includes 4 years in multi-discipline project
environment, with good skills in organization of work, planning and scheduling of activities, and performance of cost control responsibilities.
c. Very good written and spoken English
d. High computer literacy in both office and technical applications.

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